Frequently Asked Questions

What is a land lease agreement?

A land lease agreement means you become the owner of a new home, but lease the land it’s built on. These are secure Site Agreements protected by state Residential Land Lease Acts.

How secure is my land lease investment?

Very. Strict government legislation, as outlined in the state Residential Land Lease Act, guarantee that your investment is secure. And that community owners and operators are alway in compliance.

Is Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community authorised under the Local Government Act?

Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community has been approved as a long-term site under all applicable government regulations – including the Local Government Act.

What happens to my investment in the event of an ownership change?

Nothing. Even in the event of a transfer of property ownership, your secure land lease agreement can never be terminated without consent. Government legislation means your investment is always protected.

What land-based fees will I have to pay?

You are only responsible for site fees, council rates and usage for electricity, gas, water and any other user pays services like the internet. The are no body corporate fees to pay.

Do I need to pay stamp duty on a new home at Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community?

There is no stamp duty to pay when moving into a new home at Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community .

What kind of fees and charges will I pay living at Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community?

Site fees, electricity, gas, and user pay services such as internet or cable television are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Can I receive government rental assistance?

For information on government rental assistance, and to learn whether you might be eligible, visit:

How old must I be to move into Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community?

Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community is designed for Australians over 55.

What does the application process entail?

Potential residents will be interviewed by the community manager and asked to sign an agreement that acknowledges community rules. A police check may also be conducted.

What happens should I need to sell my home?

Homes may be sold privately, through a licensed real estate agent, or through the operators of Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community.

If I sell my home, what share of the profits does Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community participate in?

0%. All capital gains are retained by the seller. Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community takes nothing.

Will I be charged an exit fee should I decide to, or need to, leave?

There are never exit, or “deferred management” fees to pay when leaving Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community.

Can I leave my home to family or loved ones?

Your home at Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community is just that – your home. So you are welcome to leave it to whomever you wish.

Are guests welcome to stay with me?

Of course. And there are never visitor fees to pay.

Are pets allowed at Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community?

Homeowners are allowed one small animal per household. Dog, cat, etc…

What are the use restrictions for the common facilities?

Children must be accompanied and supervised by adults at all times. And residents are responsible for their guests at all times. Beyond that, there are no restrictions on the use of common facilities during posted operational hours.

How does parking work at Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community?

Vehicles must be parked on driveways at all times and cannot be parked on, or encroach upon community roads. Designated visitor parking is available on-site.

Am I allowed to work on my car, boat or motorbike on the driveway?

Washing your vehicles on the driveway is acceptable. However vehicle maintenance is not allowed within the community.

What are the rules for adding structures like garden sheds or carports to my home?

In compliance with local and state government regulations, additions such as garden sheds, carports, clotheslines etc…are all included as part of a complete home package at Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community. Requests for anything further must be made and approved in writing by the Community Operator.

How does mail delivery work at Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community?

All mail is delivered to central mail boxes via Australia Post.

Am I able to move another person into my home after a certain length of time?

Only occupants listed on the residential site agreement are permitted to live in the home. An approved site agreement amendment with consent from the the Community Operator must be completed before any other party is allowed to move in.

Are push bikes allowed at Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community?

Push Bikes are definitely welcome at Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community. Please keep in mind though, that being in line with RMS requirements, helmets must be worn at all times. And children on push bikes must be accompanied by an adult.

Is there a place to store my caravan or boat?

Yes. There is storage for your boat and/or caravan at Lake Macquarie Lifestyle Community subject to availability.

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